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Family Guy
Title:Family Guy
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Air Date: 2013-09-29
Season Number: 12
Total Episodes: 21
Stars: Seth MacFarlane (Peter Griffin / Brian Griffin / Stewie Griffin / Glenn Quagmire / Tom Tucker (voice)), Alex Borstein (Lois Griffin / Tricia Takanawa / Loretta Brown / Barbara Pewterschmidt (voice)), Mila Kunis (Meg Griffin (voice)), Seth Green (Chris Griffin (voice)), Mike Henry (Cleveland Brown / Herbert / Bruce / Consuela / Greased-Up Deaf Guy)
Production Co: Fox Television Animation, 20th Century Fox Television, Fuzzy Door Productions
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Episodes List

Finders Keepers

Episode 1 : Finders Keepers

Peter is convinced that a restaurant placemat is...
Vestigial Peter

Episode 2 : Vestigial Peter

After a vestigial twin grows out of Peter's neck,...
Quagmire's Quagmire

Episode 3 : Quagmire's Quagmire

Quagmire dates a woman named Sonja, who is just...
A Fistful of Meg

Episode 4 : A Fistful of Meg

When Meg spills her lunch on the new kid at...
Bobba-Dee Babba-Dee

Episode 5 : Bobba-Dee Babba-Dee

The Griffins go to Italy and are faced with...
Life of Brian

Episode 6 : Life of Brian

Stewie and Brian travel back in time to...
Into Harmony's Way

Episode 7 : Into Harmony's Way

When Peter and Quagmire discover that their...
Christmas Guy

Episode 8 : Christmas Guy

When Carter Pewterschmidt cancels the annual...
Peter Problems

Episode 9 : Peter Problems

When Peter gets fired for crashing a forklift...
Grimm Job

Episode 10 : Grimm Job

From Grimm to Griffin, three classic fairy tales...
Brian's a Bad Father

Episode 11 : Brian's a Bad Father

Brian tries to use Dylan's television connections...
Mom's the Word

Episode 12 : Mom's the Word

When Peter's mother dies, he befriends her...
3 Acts of God

Episode 13 : 3 Acts of God

Peter grows frustrated when players on opposing...
Fresh Heir

Episode 14 : Fresh Heir

Chris becomes the heir to Carter's fortune but...
Secondhand Spoke

Episode 15 : Secondhand Spoke

Peter takes up smoking cigarettes, and is...
Herpe the Love Sore

Episode 16 : Herpe the Love Sore

Brian gives Stewie an STD. Meanwhile, Peter and...
The Most Interesting Man in the World

Episode 17 : The Most Interesting Man in the World

When Peter takes Stewie to the park for some...
Baby Got Black

Episode 18 : Baby Got Black

Chris is forbidden to see Jerome's daughter Pam,...
Meg Stinks!

Episode 19 : Meg Stinks!

Meg has fun partying with Peter when he takes her...
He's Bla-ack

Episode 20 : He's Bla-ack

Cleveland returns to town, but is instantly...
Chap Stewie

Episode 21 : Chap Stewie

When Peter and Chris interrupt Stewie’s TV...